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Driver of Supernatural #H777


HANNAH MALOOF is a professional racer, stuntwoman and engine builder at family business Maloof Racing Engines. Hannah has been working side by side with her parents at their family business, MRE, ever since the day she was born. Hannah has since then become the COO of MRE. She has not only been trained in the ropes of the trade, she has been trained on running a business such as this in the racing industry. 

Hannah began training in Precision stunt driving at the age of 13 by her father, Sammy Maloof. She received her first non union job at the age of 16 as a background driver. Hannah has had many stunt bookings since then and has recently joined the SAG community. Visit the stunt Resumé page to view her latest work and stunt reel. 

While engine building is a huge part of her life, racing also became a big part of her life early on. Hannah started driving cars at the age of 7, aside from driving in her parents lap from the age 2. She took up the sport of drag racing at a young age. The day after she received her drivers license, she was on the track. Hannah and her father took her daily driven 1995 Dodge Ram Truck down to Irwindale speedway on a Thursday night, where the passion for drag racing was introduced to her. From the time she was in her mothers womb, Hannah grew at the track watching her fathers races, whether it was drag racing, roads racing, ect. After getting comfortable going down the track in her truck, she soon moved up to the Maloof built "Stuntcar". Stuntcar is a 67 Camaro built solely for the purpose of training people in precision driving, drag racing and is also used for giving rides at stunt shows put on by Maloof Racing Engine/ Winning at the race of life. Hannah was trained by her father in the "Stuntcar" for a few years. She learned to know the cars she is racing intimately. Her seat time on the track, learning the lights, track and car intimately plays very important foundational role in her racing career today. She built a few different engines for this car to run different times. After a few years of good seat time, she moved up to her dads 64 Chevy pick up truck which holds an 1100 hp blown engine. She raced this truck for one year before attaining her own drag car. About 2 years ago, Hannah picked up a beautiful 68 Chevy nova also known as "Supernatural". After building the engine for this car she joined her first semi pro race series. Hannah raced the 2019 Summit ET race series, where she made it to the finals at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that year. Visit the Schedule page to view where she will be racing "Supernatural" next. 

Not only have you seen Hannah at the track you have also seen her on a few national and international shows as well as many interviews for name companies. Some of her most known shows are The Netflix Original series "Fastest Car" (Season 1, Episode 1) and the hit show "Street Outlaws" . Stay tuned to follow Hannah Maloof in her journey.

"Huge THANK YOU to my Heavenly Father, as well as my Mom and Dad!"

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